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Audio Visual Imaging Systems

Audio Visual Imaging Systems

University teaching laboratory with a HD camera on a BX53, a PC and a camera on the ceiling going to seven screens mounted around the laboratory so students can see what is being presented by the lecturer at the front of the laboratory.

In every medical or research organisation there is a need for teaching laboratories, MDT rooms and discussion microscopes. In the past teaching heads where mounted on microscopes so that a number of consultants could look at the same information.

In teaching laboratories there is a need for many students to view images and presentations whilst at their own bench.

Digital Imaging Systems has experience in designing and installing Audio Visual (AV) systems for such rooms. The AV systems can have multiple sources being presented to multiple output devices.

Sources can vary from HD cameras, PC’s and PACS with the ability of switching between each. The images can then be displayed on multiple monitors or projectors mount on the ceiling or wall.

We have also had experience with incorporating the AV System into a Video Conferencing system for meetings that are held across multiple sites for example MTD rooms.

Most large organisations have estate departments who are more than capable of install wall, ceiling mounts and any other infrastructure. Digital Imaging System can provide this service if your organisation does not have an estates department or if it is easier for us to do it.

We used Digital Imaging Systems Ltd. to supply and fit an Audio and Video system the large teaching laboratory where I work, we were delighted with the work they did. The installation is a complex system which includes inputs for a teaching microscope camera, a camcorder, a sympodium, PCs and laptops; with a connection to the adjacent teaching laboratory so that the students can be split onto 2 rooms but can still communicate live. The output is projected to 7 large screen LCDs which give high resolution images.

They fitted around times that suited us, they were professional and easy to get on with and the standard of workmanship was excellent. After installation, they gave clear, easy to follow instructions on how to use everything. After sales service is also excellent. Highly recommended all round.

Dr. Leksi Leksmono

Roehampton, London

We needed the system to train laboratory and medical staff in blood and bone marrow morphology. It has allowed the morphology section to give interesting presentations where we review the previous week’s films with the rest of the Laboratory staff. These sessions have led to lively debate and furthered everyone’s enjoyment of their work.

The HDMI screen gives us a representative image of what you see down the microscope.
The staff have also used the system for their college work for presentations where they photographed pathology H and E slides.

Malcolm Holgate

Senior BMS, FIBMS, Haematology, Western General Edinburgh

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