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Prior Lumen 100 LED Illuminator

Lumen 100 LED IlluminatorThe Lumen 100 illumination system consists of a control box, an LED and a microscope specific adapter. A combiner is available if another LED unit is to be added. The LED directly couples to the microscope for maximum light transmission efficiency. 10 different LEDs emitting at specific wavelengths are available, from 365 nm to 660 nm, as well as a white light emitting LED. Excitation filters can be added to each LED to optimise the bandwidth of light for the specific application.

Key features:

  • 365, 385, 405, 447, 460, 505, 525, 590, 625, 660 and white light LEDs available.
  • The LED bulbs have a long operational lifespan, do not contain mercury and produce minimal heat and vibration
  • Precise control of illumination is available in 1% increments
  • Instant switch on and off capability