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Prior Motorised Focus Drive

Prior Motorised PS3H1222R Focus Drive

Motorised PS3H1222R Focus Drive

Most microscopes can be retro-fitted with a motorised focus option. The standard motorised focus control provides step sizes as small as 0.002µm and provides excellent resolution for precise focus and repeatable positioning in the Z-axis. For large movements or when speed is required, the ProScan ®III focus motor can be driven at speeds of up to 20 revs/s. The focus motor is designed with a rotating cable system to prevent cable twist.

Our coupling system uses a ring adaptor to match our motor to almost all microscope which have a coarse and fine focus knob. Also available is a direct coupling (H122KON) adaptor which connects directly to the focus spindle of the microscope.

For larger (generally zoom or macro) microscopes we offer a high power motor system to drive the larger weights involved.

An optional probe style encoder feedback system provides the highest accuracy and repeatability available.

Key features:

  • 002µm minimum step size.
  • Easy to install.
  • Optional encoder available.
  • Up to 20Rev/s top speed.