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Digital Grossing Pathology

It was brought to the attention of Digital Imaging Systems that there was a need to image gross tissue specimens directly on the Grossing workstation bench. Tissue does not then have to be moved to a different area to be imaged speeding up the whole gross specimen procedure.

Digital Grossing Pathology

Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust’s Grossing Station with a GrosDIS HD imaging system. The system streams a live HD image to a large monitor on the wall and captures images to the PC via a foot pedal so the consultant can continue their work without having to move from the cut up area.

Digital Imaging Systems designed GrosDIS a flexible High Definition macro imaging system with built in LED lighting that can be swing in and out of the area directly above the cut up area. The stainless steel housing provides protection and easy wipe down of the equipment.

The system has a motorised zoom lens giving the ability of capturing images of large and small specimens via a foot pedal if required. The consultant therefore does not have to stop the grossing procedure to capture images again speeding the whole process up. It also reduces the possibility of contamination.

A live image can be sent to a large monitor or projector for focusing and teaching purposes. It has also become important for consultants to remotely view and discuss the case which can be done by adding LiveDIS.

LiveDIS provides live image stream across the internet. The consultant can remotely annotate the image and capture the image at the remote end.

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Key Features:

  • HD Quality captured images
  • High speed, 60 frames per second, live video for smooth display.
  • Cool LD lighting provides even illumination without heat and helps with depth of focus of large specimens.
  • Easy to position for image capture or remove completely
  • Easy to use control panel for focus and zoom.
  • Ability to combine powerful 3rd party software for annotation, calibration and measurement.
  • Ability to add remote access across the internet.