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Dage-MTI HD-210U

Dage-MTI HD-210U

High-Definition HD-210U HD Microscope Camera

The HD-210U is an innovative HD brightfield microscopy camera designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use. The HD-210U offers full, high definition, 1080p 60fps HDMI streaming with superb color reproduction for accuracy as well as USB2 connectivity for simultaneous live viewing and image capture.

The HD-210U is preprogrammed for perfect brightfield color by critical adjustments of 6 hues – not just red, green and blue, but yellow, cyan and magenta as well. Real time, fast 60fps in live streaming mode enables the operator to move samples or change magnifications without smear lag or jitter. Real-time, fast 60fps video streaming allows effortless focus and specimen placement for more efficient slide reviews.

The HD-210U automatically adjusts to changes in light intensity. No more fumbling with the intensity controls of your microscope or camera. One button white balance and preprogrammed scene files makes using the HD-210U a snap to use. Operate the camera by directly connecting to an HDMI monitor without the need for a PC, or utilize the USB 2.0 output for image capture.

Dage-MTI’s “MagicApp” acquisition software is included with all HD-210U cameras. Easily select destination folder for instantaneous image capture and review. Up to 116 characters available to name/label stored image. Automatic sequential labelling allows quick capture of multiple images.

The Dage-MTI HD-210U is a complete, cost-effective, high quality solution for life science, clinical science, educational or industrial microscopy applications.