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Fully Configured Imaging Systems

Hitachi 3CCD for Fully Configured Imaging SystemsDigital Imaging Systems have a great deal of experience in putting together fully configured imaging systems for many different applications on PC or Mac platforms. If our standard range of products are not suitable for an application then we will source the right product and integrate it into the imaging system.

We pride ourselves in delivering systems that are reliable and work from day one. Also as the system has been put together by our team of engineers we can offer a very high level of support on the system. These services reduce the time the customer needs to spend on sourcing products and keeping them operational. The result is the customer gets an imaging system that continually gives them results and increases their productivity.


A standard imaging system consists of a high resolution digital or analogue camera, interface card suitable for the camera used, image capture & analysis software and PC or Mac. When a system is brought from Digital Imaging Systems it is built in the office and fully tested. After delivery, an engineer will come and install the system and provide training.

We also provide more complicated systems consisting of modified motorised microscopes, modified motorised XYZ stages, filter wheels & shutters and special lighting. We will also, if needed, write custom software around the packages provided to match the customers’ exact requirements.


  • Automated multi-wavelength fluorescence microscopy
  • Automated image stitching of brightfield and fluorescence images
  • Automated well plate capture and analysis of up to four 96 well plates on one stage
  • Automated multi plane focus
  • Live cell fluorescent imaging
  • Slide scanning
  • Remote microscope
  • Teaching and remote conferencing
  • Histopathology
  • Digital pathology
  • Quality Control inspection
  • AV systems for MDT, conference and teaching rooms

Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you would like to discuss your application and determine which products are suitable for your application.