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Prior Lumen 200/220PRO Fluorescence Illumination Systems with Integral Filter

Lumen 200 Fluorescence Illumination SystemFor fully automated solutions, the Lumen 200PRO features a motorized internal six position filter wheel for fast switching of excitation wavelength. Being remote from the microscope means no vibration. No vibration means no settling time. No settling time means faster imaging! The light attenuation and shuttering is also motorized in the Lumen 200PRO allowing a selection of intensity over 100 increments to perfectly balance exposure to the sensitivity of your cells and fluorescent markers.

Prior also offers the Lumen 220PRO model which offers extended transmission in UV and IR compared to the standard Lumen 200PRO model.

Key Features:

  • 2,000 hour life, 200 Watt metal arc lamp
  • Stabilized DC power supply for consistent illumination
  • Quiet operation suitable for laboratory use
  • Easy to view display screen for bulb life indication and alarm description
  • Knurled light guide clamping knob for secure light guide installation
  • Adapters available for all modern research microscopes
  • Pre-aligned bulb for easy bulb replacement
  • Integral high speed motorized six position 25mm diameter filter wheel
  • High speed motorized light attenuator, 0-100% in 1% increments
  • Compatible with ProScan™ III controllers