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Media Cybernetics

Media Cybernetics
MediaCybernetics develops image analysis software used in scientific industries and applications such as cell biology, failure analysis, forensics, genomics/proteomics, materials analysis, microscopy, neuroscience, pathology, pharmaceutical, semiconductor inspection and quality assurance.
Image Pro
Image Pro 10 3D
Software offering image analysis tools for 3D multi-dimensional visualizations, 3D volume measurements, 3D colocalization, 3D manual measurements and more.
Image Pro
Image Pro 10
Software offering analysis tools for image acquisition, automated counting and sorting, automated measurements, object tracking, macro customization and more.
Image Pro
Image Pro Basic 10
Software offering a wide range of tools for basic image capture, Live Tiling and Live EDF, live measurements, manual measurements, filters and enhancements, reporting and more.
Image Pro plus
Image Pro Plus 7
A powerful and customizable imaging platform driven by years of user feedback, the original 32-bit Image-Pro offers microscope control, image capture, measurement, count/size, and macro development tools.
Image Pro AQ
AutoQuant X3
The life science industry’s leading image deconvolution software. Retrieve better data from your images using the most complete suite of 2D and 3D restoration algorithms available.