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Micro Manager

Micro Manager
μManager is a software package for control of automated microscopes. Together with the image processing application ImageJ, μManager provides a comprehensive, freely available, imaging solution.

μManager softwareIt works with almost all microscopes, cameras and peripherals on the market, and provides an easy to use interface that lets you run your microscopy-based experiments. µManager runs as a plugin to ImageJ, is Open Source, and is free. µManager is developed in Ron Vale’s laboratory at UCSF and is funded by an NIH grant R01-EB007187 from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NBIB).
µManager serves a double purpose:

  • It is a complete image acquisition and microscope control package, available for Windows, Mac and Linux, easy to install and configure right “out-of-the-box”, with built-in functionality and user interface for most common tasks performed in a Life Science laboratory.
  • It also is a software framework for implementing advanced and novel imaging procedures, extending functionality, customization and rapid development of specialized imaging applications.

The main features of the µManager application are:

  • Cross-platform code-base (Windows, Mac and Linux).
  • Full integration with ImageJ, a widely used, freely available image processing package, developed at NIH.
  • Intuitive user interface and simple installation procedure.
  • Maximally extensible through support for scripting and dynamic programming languages.
  • Maximum speed and efficiency in all control paths to allow for very high speed acquisition rates
  • Hardware abstraction interface to allow writing hardware independent user interfaces and scripts for all devices used in the automated microscope, regardless of type, manufacturer and native drivers.
  • Programmatic interfaces to 3rd-party analysis environments (such as Matlab) to enable “intelligent data collection” — i.e. analysis driven acquisition.

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