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Prior Lumen 1600 Multi-channel LED system

Lumen 1600 Multi-channel LED systemThe Lumen 1600 provides high quality LED light for a vast range of applications. Provided with 16 LEDs, together covering the spectrum from 365 nm to 770 nm, the Lumen 1600 can provide either wide spectrum white light, or up to four narrow wavelengths of light, depending on the needs of the user. Ideal for advanced research and core facilities, the Lumen 1600 is flexible, easy to use, and designed to produce the very best in fluorescent imaging.  Using an innovative four channel system, in which LEDs of similar wavelengths are placed in the same channel, up to four distinct flurophores can be excited simultaneously. The groupings allow the use of almost all stains used in multi-band combinations allowing great flexibility in experimental work.

Key features:

  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Excellently excites most common fluorophores
  • Can excite up to four distinct flurophores simultaneously – ideal for complex multi-band work
  • Compatible with all commercially available dual, triple and quadruple filters
  • LEDs offer fine control (in 1% increments), instant switch-on, consistent light, and minimal heat and vibration production, with an operational lifetime of at least 25,000 hours
  • LED intensity can be altered individually.
  • Multiple pre-set configurations can be created, stored and used.