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QImaging OptiMOS

QImaging Optimos 2M pixel Cooled sCMOS camera

2 Megapixel Scientific sCMOS Firewire Camera

The QImaging QICAM digital camera is designed for high-resolution, brightfield scientific and industrial applications. A progressive-scan interline CCD sensor gives a resolution of 1.4 million pixels in a 12-bit digital output

High-speed, low noise electronics provide linear digital data at frame rates up to 110 fps with binning and ROI. The IEEE 1394 FireWire™ digital interface allows ease of use and installation with a single wire

No frame grabber or external power supply is required. The QICAM includes QCapture software (Windows® and Mac OS) for real-time image preview and capture.

Optimos illustration
Product Features:

  • 1392 x 1040 pixels
  • 4.65µm x 4.65µm pixel size
  • 1/2″ optical format
  • Electronic shutter
  • 12-bit
  • Binning up to 8×8
  • ROI
  • External trigger


  • Cell Biology
    Spinning Disk Confocal, High Speed Multicolor Fluorescence, FRAP, Intrinsic Imaging
  • Ion Transport Physiology
    Electrophysiology, Calcium Imaging, Ratiometrics Imaging, Voltage Sensitive Dyes
  • Biophysics
    Membrane Dynamics, Protein/Lipid Trafficking, Nanoparticle Imaging, High Speed FRET, TIRF
Sensor Specification
Image SensorSony® ICX205 progressive-scan interline CCD (monochrome or colour)
C-mount Adapter0.5x
Pixel Size4.65 μm x 4.65 μm
Resolution1392 x 1040 pixels
Camera Specification
Frame Rate10fps full resolution @ 12 bits (165fps maximum with binning and ROI)
Bit Depth12-bit
Binning / Subsampling2x2, 4x4, 8x8
Sensor CoolingOPTIONAL Peltier thermoelectric cooling to 25˚C below ambient
Exposure ControlAutomatic and manual control
Exposure Range12μs to 17.9min in 1μs increments
Gain Range0.6 to 15x
Region of InterestFrom 1x1 pixels up to full resolution, continuously variable in single-pixel increments
Camera Characteristics
Pixel Well Depth10,000e-
Read Noise12 e- rms
Readout Frequency20, 10, 5, 2.5MHz
Mechanical Specifications
Data InterfaceIEEE 1394 FireWire™
Lens mountC-Mount
Dimensions98.4mm x 76mm x 76mm
Operation Temperature0 to +50˚C
Mass635g (uncooled) 915g (cooled)
Camera Software
Operating SystemsWindows® 7, Vista and XP (32/64 bit)

Frame Rates

Region of InterestFrame Rate
1920 x 1080100 fps
1920 x 512220 fps
512 x 512220 fps
1920 x 128850 fps
128 x 128850 fps
1920 x 641630 fps
64 x 641630 fps