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Dage-MTI Microscope Cameras

Dage MTI

Dage-MTI is an international leader in the design and manufacture of high performance digital high definition microscope cameras, monitors, and digital streaming devices. By supplying digital and analogue products, Dage-MTI has separated itself from the competition as one of the only companies in the world to do so.

Dage-MTI offers revolutionary HD cameras to the fast-growing HD imaging markets for pathology, ophthalmology, dental surgery & telemedicine. Superior colour reproduction, highest HD resolutions, fast frame rates (60fps), full-screen display and live HD streaming offer increased efficiencies for clinicians, laboratory managers and surgeons.

High-end High Definition Cameras

Experience the power of HD imaging… see what you have been missing! 1920×1080 resolutions @ 60fps to the ultimate ultra HD camera offering 3840×2160 resolution @ 60fps, we have an HD camera for every price point and resolution requirement.

HD-210U Microscope CAMERA

Standard Single Chip HD Camera

Dage-MTI’s HD-336U

Standard Three Chip HD Camera

Dage-MTI UHD-4 Ultra Three Chip 4K HD Camera

Ultra Three Chip 4K HD Camera

High-end Infrared Cameras

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IR-1000 Infrared Camera

Infrared CCD Monochrome Video Camera

Dage-MTI Dage LSC70 Infrared Camera

Infrared Camera